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Life story
December 13, 2007
As we all in Oregon your brothers DaVion & Joseph were with Mema thats what they call me grandma Josie waiting for you to come into the world. We all know when you were coming your titi Rachel mommy big sister was help grandma with the boys were all very excited for your arrival. You were so loved before you got here. You were our Christmas baby,  the second christmas baby, 2 birthday in 1 month you & Nana.  
December 13, 2007
Born in Kent Washington on December 13, 2007.
January 12, 2008
You & your brothers spent a week with me Grandma Josie, Titi Rachel & Pepa while mommy was getting better. It was a joy spending that time with you. You were so well behaved. You slept with Pepa & Mema woke every 2 1/2 hours to eat and around 3am u wanted to play. About 4am you would slep till 6:30 almost 7am. You loved when tit Rachel gave you a bath. Arieanna loced playing with you you were her live doll. She was so proud she had a girl cousin. The boys your brothers were so protected of you. they would climb on grandma beds to make sure u were okay. We miss you our lil Angel
March 23, 2008
Grandma Josie birthday she had her 1st loud laugh
March 23, 2008
Grandma Josie 51 birthday playing with her mom
April 19, 2008
Mema Grandma Josie recived a call at 5:40am no one would ever want to get. It hurts that I will never be able to hold you again see you walk hear you laugh, smell you, or sleep with grandma again. Nothing has ever been the same since the Lord has call on you to be by his side  . Our soul are broken we are told you passed away from Sudden Infant Death Snydrome but what does that mean no one knows.   We miss you Yahira you truly are am angel now looking now upon us watching over us. I miss you my sweet.   She left behind 2 brothers DaVion 5 years old & Joseph 3 years old her Mom Manessa, Titi Rachel,  cousin Arieanna, Uncle Efrain, cousin Tommy & Grandma Josie, pepa .......
April 19, 2008
Passed away on April 19, 2008.
May 10, 2008
Put flower on gravel site
September 18, 2008
Today I spend most of day thinking how big you would be now. You would be crawling getting into everything. There is not a week that a candle is not burning in Mema rooms with flowers, your picture, teddybears and your pacifer. I love you Yahira always & forever xoxoxoxox
December 13, 2008
Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday dear Yahira, Happy Birthday to you.... We miss you & love you always
December 12, 2010
These Empty Arms" These empty arms yearn for you, my precious baby boy. While on this earth you brought, your momma so much joy. This year you'd have been turning 23, I wonder what you would have become. I know God must have needed you, to take from me, my precious. I miss you so very much, and this makes me very sad. I bet it is pretty cool up there in Heaven, getting to hear the Angels sing. I can't wait to join you in Heaven, what a joy that meeting will bring. Until my work on earth is through, I will just have to wait. Ask God for me one favor please, to let you be there, to greet me at the gate.
January 3, 2011
The clock ticks on While my soul bleeds slowly And the aching of my empty arms Cries softly, like a child in the night I examine the hole in my Self That remains where once a baby smiled at me amidst diapers and worries And long sleepless nights That then were spent in caring But now are spent in silent dry tears Listening As the clock ticks on